Our organization

The Hack Winterthur is a nonprofit event devoted to bringing ideas to life, in a very short time (over a single weekend). Participants work in teams to create awesome projects from scratch, learn new skills and have some fun along the way!

The Hack Winterthur is hosted by the Entrepreneur Club Winterthur. Among other events, the Entrepreneur Club Winterthur is well known for the organization of the annual Startup Night with over 1000 visitors.


The Hack Winterthur 2019 is part of MLH’s official 2019 Hackathon Season. We abide by the MLH Code of Conduct.

Our mission: Bringing ideas to life

Our mission is to bring people with an entrepreneurial mindset together and provide them with a platform to build innovative prototypes of products and services in an extremely short time. Challenges defined by industry partners guarantee the connection to the real economy.

We create an atmosphere of opportunity and promote the exchange of knowledge, which also goes beyond the event. We believe passionately in the power of ideas and their implementation to change lives and, ultimately, the world. Everything we do is driven by the goal: How can we best build a platform where great ideas can arise and be implemented quickly?

Core Team

Joel Sonderegger

General Management

Marketing & Communications

Partner Management

Food & Beverage / Hospitality





The Hack Winterthur is all about where the future will take us. The event is a summit for entrepreneurs, hackers, researchers, and designers, who will all be sharing their expertise, experience, and visions. As a volunteer, you won’t just be part of this unique event – you will be responsible for making it possible in the first place!